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Tesla Giga Texas Paint Shop Equipment Goes In as Factory Races Giga Berlin to Finish Line

Tesla Giga Texas Paint Shop Equipment Goes In as Factory Races Giga Berlin to Finish Line

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The construction speed of Giga Texas is striking. Huge structures grow and gradually merge into one monolithic building, where innovative American electric vehicles will be produced. At the moment, Tesla has begun the installation of equipment that will be launched for the production of cars in just a few months.

In the northeast of the site, there are many components for the installation of an advanced paint shop. Some of them are lifted by crane to the second floor of the factory. Also, it can be seen that huge containers or some kind of equipment that are tank-like are already in the building. But because these objects have a protective covering, it is impossible to see what they are.

The Giga Press installation has also made great progress. You can see that most of the components are already in place, and soon the massive machine may begin to set up trial production for Model Y components. A bridge crane has already been installed, and due to the presence of all the necessary equipment and wires, it seems that it will soon be connected and start working.

Also in the northeast corner is a Stabilis Solutions LNG energy system. Stabilis offers a complete range of fully integrated liquid natural gas (LNG) solutions across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Whether the business lacks access to the pipeline, needs to supplement natural gas during peaks or service interruptions, or are looking for a permanent solution, the company is ready to meet requirements with scalable LNG supply, national distribution, and field support.

There is also activity in the unloading and storage area of ​​the robotics. This time there is a lot of equipment, which is in wooden boxes, so it is impossible to see what exactly is there.

Tesla has made great progress in the construction of Giga Texas and, in fact, could start production at the same time as Giga Berlin, construction of which began several months earlier. Using the full potential of its manufacturing facilities, 2021 will be a stunning, landmark year for both Tesla and the world's car market.


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