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Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Preparing for China-Made Model Y Production with 3A 3B Construction

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Preparing for China-Made Model Y Production with 3A 3B Construction

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Model Y will manufacture in China locally during the Model Y Program Opening Ceremony in Gigafactory Shanghai back in Jan 2020. In the event, Musk further explained that he believed that the Model Y will have more demand than the rest of Tesla's cars combined. The Model Y will have advanced manufacturing technologies that will be revealed in the future. Musk shared that Tesla is constantly trying to improve the machines that build machines.


Fast forward to last week, with the recent drone video by Youtuber Jason Yang, we can clearly see that the Gigafactory Shanghai 3A and 3B constitutions are happening in light speed. Also info from the source familiar with the matter told us, the new constitutions of the 3A and 3B areas are mainly preparing for the China-Made Model Y production and assembly lines. 

Image credit: Jason Yang's Youtube channel

As we reported on March 9th 2020, Tesla Gigafactory 3 Shanghai Plans To Boost Capacity By 73% In Bid To Expand Localized Parts Production. The company plans to increase its battery pack coolant tubes production capacity from 150,000 to 260,000 a year. Besides increasing its cooing pipe production, Gigafactory Shanghai will also be adding another stamping line. That will be a good evidence to show the China-Made Model Y will happen sooner than what we thought.


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