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Tesla Giga Shanghai Long Range Model 3 Will Qualify For Purchasing Tax Exemption

Tesla Giga Shanghai Long Range Model 3 Will Qualify For Purchasing Tax Exemption

Last month, Giga Shanghai received permission to manufacture the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, and today it became known that this version of the model will be exempt from purchase tax.

Today, 42号车库 , published information on Weibo that points to this.

"The domestic Tesla Model 3 Long Range, which is the new model of an energy vehicle, is exempt from tax on the purchase of a vehicle."

Source: 42号车库 /Weibo

This was great news for everyone who wants to purchase this model. At the moment, the price of the MIC Model 3 Long Range has not yet been announced, so it is difficult to calculate its real value for Chinese consumers. But the Tesla website has a clarification of how this can be calculated in the future.

"The Vehicle Purchase Tax Law stipulates that the taxable amount of vehicle purchase tax is calculated by multiplying the taxable price of the taxable vehicle by the tax rate. The taxable price of the taxable vehicle purchased by the taxpayer for his own use is the total amount paid by the taxpayer to the seller. The price does not include VAT. For example, the vehicle price is N yuan, the value-added tax rate is 13%, and the purchase tax rate is 10%. The estimated purchase tax deduction amount is N ÷ 1.13 x 10%"

News about the MIC Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD appeared in mid-February, after the vehicle was listed on the official China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) website.

Credit: MIIT of the People's Republic of China

Then it became known that the Tesla Model 3 Long Range registered in the MIIT of China is slightly different from the one manufactured in the USA, since the curb weight of the domestic car is 1745 kg. In contrast, the same Fremont production model has a curb weight of 1726 kg.

Tesmanian suggested that this difference could be due to the fact that cars at factories in Shanghai and Fremont are equipped with batteries from different manufacturers. Model 3 made in the USA have a battery from Panasonic, while cars made in China can have a battery from CATL or LG Chem.

March 6, 2020, the Tesla MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD was approved by China’s MIIT. This means that Giga Shanghai can begin production of this version of the model.

Featured image: Tesmanian

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