Tesla Achieved Another Milestone of Over 4K Model 3 to Australia

Tesla Achieved Another Milestone of Over 4K Model 3 to Australia

2019 was the year of the Tesla Model 3, thanks to which a car company from California was able to confidently enter, and in some cases capture, markets around the world.

In 2019, some European countries had generous subsidies for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles, so the most affordable Tesla model, Model 3, was incredibly successful.

Australia is one of those countries whose government doesn't support the appearance of EV on its roads. Some politicians are desperately trying to convince the government to accept EV as soon as possible, but at the moment this is not yielding great results.

Despite the fact that Australians don't receive subsidies from the state, Tesla cars are quite popular in the country. 2019 for Australia was the year when the transition to EV began to take shape in the country.

According to official data and analyst estimates, in 2019, sales of new green electric cars in Australia reached just over 5,000 cars, or about 0.5% of the total market for new cars. Tesla accounted for approximately 70% of these sales, about 3,300 units. Of these 70%, Model 3 accounted for about 90% of Tesla's annual sales.

This year, this trend continued. The Driven reported that, for the time being, for the Australian market, more Model 3s have been produced than Models S and X combined.

Twitter user, VedaPrime analyzed the delivery data and it turned out that, to date 4,180 Tesla Model 3s have been produced for the Australian market.

This is a new milestone for Tesla in the Australian market. Model 3, the first deliveries of which, began only at the end of August 2019, was able to capture the hearts of Australians in just 6 months. The significance of this can hardly be overestimated, because the price of Model 3 in Australia starts at $67,900, which is really a very expensive.

Recent data show that in the first months of 2020, about 1,000 Model 3s were shipped to Australia. The numbers provided by Tesla's ship tracking sources indicate that the automaker shipped a total of 1,167 vehicles. Tesla currently owns about 80% of the market, among new electric vehicles sold in Australia in 2020.

People who want to switch to environmentally friendly transport in Australia are really hard, they have to pay very expensive for the opportunity to drive in vehicles that don't pollute the environment.

Featured image: Sean R. Clark/CNN

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