Low-Priced Tesla Model Y for Canada Could Ship from Giga Shanghai: Report

Low-Priced Tesla Model Y for Canada Could Ship from Giga Shanghai: Report

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A more affordable version of Tesla Model Y that is slated for Canada could ship from Giga Shanghai, according to a report. Delivery of cars will begin from May to July.

Tesla posted on its website over the weekend that it would offer a new, cheaper version of its Model Y in Canada. It will be a rear-wheel drive variant of the SUV, priced C$10,000 ($7,378) less than the Long Range version of the car available in the country. According to the website, customers in Canada can get the new Model Y between May and July.

The Canadian government’s website was updated on Friday to show that both the new Model Y and the more expensive Long Range variant are eligible for incentives of C$5,000 on a purchase or a four-year lease. This is great news for Tesla customers in Canada.

According to a Reuters source, the new version of the car will come from Tesla's Chinese factory—Giga Shanghai. The company has already started its production in early April. According to the memo reviewed by the agency, cars were designed and tested for export to North America. It is planned to produce about 9,000 of these vehicles this quarter.

During the Q1 2023 Earnings Call, Elon Musk said Giga Shanghai has the “lowest cost structure” of any of Tesla's factories. In addition, the factory has a high production capacity. Combined with these two facts, the shipping of Model Y from China to Canada makes a lot of sense. Giga Shanghai uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries for the Model Y version produced there for sale in China and for export to Europe and other markets. It is likely that the low-priced Model Y for Canada will also be produced with LFP batteries.

Tesla's website shows that the new version of Model Y for Canada has an EPA-equivalent range of 245 miles. The all-wheel-drive version of the entry-level Model Y sold in the US has a range of 279 miles.

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