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Tesla Model 3 Records Fastest Lap Time Versus EVs & ICE Vehicles In China's Goldport Park Circuit


Featured Image Credit: Tesla China

A Tesla Model 3 ran the fastest lap time in China's Goldenport Park Circuit, beating all mass-produced EVs and B-class ICE vehicles that have attempted runs in the track before. According to its owner, who goes by the username Ice Winglet on Weibo, the Model 3 Performance finished the circuit in 1 minute 13 seconds. 

The Model 3 Performance owner also shared that a professional driver did not drive his car during the circuit. Based on ice winglet's replies to the comments on Weibo, all the vehicles on the Goldenport Park Circuit that day were driven by vehicle owners who simply love motorsports.

Incidentally, Tesla China released an open invitation for a Model 3 Performance Driving School last year on Beijing's Ruisi track. During the one-day event, Model 3 owners were coached by professional racing coaches and learned the basics of racing in their EVs on the track.  


Credit: Tesla China

Multiple videos of MIC Model 3 owners driving on the tracks in China have been released on Weibo since Giga Shanghai deliveries officially started in January. For example, one local Tesla owner demonstrated Dyno Mode on a track in China.

According to Racing Circuits, the Goldenport circuit opened a drifting area for drivers because of drifting has become popular in China in recent years. It also opened a shop and storage facility for drift cars. Car manufacturers in China use the Goldenport Park Circuit frequently for private sessions as well. Locals can also pay a small fee to run a lap in the circuit with their own vehicles. 

Michael McDonough made the Goldenport Circuit in Jinzhanxiang, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The circuit gained international renown when it was chosen as a last-minute host of the FIA GT Championships in 2011 and solidified its place in 2014 as the host of the WTCC.Tesla-model-3-record-lap-weibo

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