Tesla Giga Shanghai Produces the Most Efficient Vehicles of Highest Quality, Elon Musk Emphasizes

Tesla Giga Shanghai Produces the Most Efficient Vehicles of Highest Quality, Elon Musk Emphasizes

Image: Elon Musk

Tesla Giga Shanghai produces the most efficient vehicles of the highest quality, Elon Musk emphasized during his visit to China. He thanked the company's employees for overcoming many difficulties and noted that it warms his heart.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has ended his two-day visit to China. These were days full of important meetings. However, the head of the company took the time to visit Giga Shanghai and share some warm words with the Chinese Tesla team. He arrived at the factory late at night and gave an inspirational speech.

After arriving in the US, Musk also shared a photo of his visit to Giga Shanghai and added words of praise for the Chinese team. He noted that they have done an excellent job, overcoming many obstacles that have arisen along the way throughout all these years.

In addition, the company released a video of Musk speaking to Giga Shanghai employees. It was the night shift, so the head of the company thanked them for being at the factory late at night. He said their hard work warmed his heart. In addition, Musk noted that the cars that the company produces in China are not only the most efficient but also of the highest quality.

“Thank you for being here late at night. I would very much like to congratulate you on the amazing work that you've done. It's been incredibly impressive how you have been able to overcome so many difficulties and so many challenges. I just wanted to let you know that it warms my heart,” Musk says in the video.

“I’ve told people throughout the world, cars that we produce here [China] are not just the most efficient … but also the highest quality.”

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