Tesla to Import All Model Y Variants from China to Canada

Tesla to Import All Model Y Variants from China to Canada

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Tesla is going to import all existing Model Y versions from China to Canada. The company previously began shipping the Model Y RWD, and will now be adding Long Range and Performance versions, according to Natural Resources Canada's listing.

Tesla appears to be about to start importing another Model Y variant made at Giga Shanghai to Canada. This is speculated based on information provided in a new Natural Resources Canada listing discovered by J_Pelletier on Reddit (via Tesla North). The listing details the new Model Y Long Range AWD variant. It specifically stands for “import.”

The 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD will have a range of 497 km (309 miles), which is slightly less than the current version, which has a range of 531 km (330 miles). It is also equipped with a 291kW motor with a 10-hour recharge time. In urban conditions, the car consumes about 17.4 kWh per 100 km, while on the highway the energy consumption increases slightly to 18.2 kWh per 100 km. The combined energy consumption is an impressive 17.8 kWh per 100 km.

If the cost of the 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD from Giga Shanghai is less than CA$ 65,000, then it will qualify for the provincial exemptions available in Quebec. This means that a discount of CA $7,000 will be offered. This will make the car even more attractive for local consumers to buy.

In addition, the NRCAN website also lists Model Y Performance. The car is listed as “import.” This version has a range of 459 km, slightly less than the existing version of 488 km. It is speculated that the Long Range and Performance Model Y vehicles from Giga Shanghai may have LFP batteries. Tesla currently only imports the Model Y RWD from Giga Shanghai.

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