Tesla Giga Shanghai Reaches Production Capacity of 1,600 Model Ys Per Day: Report

by Eva Fox September 27, 2021

Tesla Giga Shanghai Reaches Production Capacity of 1,600 Model Ys Per Day: Report

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Tesla continues to ramp up production at Giga Shanghai, reaching new records. The Chinese factory of the American manufacturer is reported to have reached a production capacity of 1,600 Model Ys per day in September.

According to information from IT Home sources, posted by @DKurac/Twitter, Tesla has increased Model Y production to 1,600 units per day at its Shanghai plant in September 2021. This means that the production rate of Model Y in Shanghai is now twice that of Model 3, which produced 800 units per day, according to the latest data.

According to August information, Tesla produced 1,000 Model Ys. An increase in the number of cars produced by 600 in just one month testifies to the incredible efforts of the company to increase production, which is especially important on the eve of the end of Q3.

Model Y records the highest interest from consumers around the world. Having a relatively affordable cost, the car has high performance, large capacity, and increased cross-country ability. Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted such popularity of the compact SUV and expected its sales to surpass Model 3 sales. That is why Giga Shanghai received special emphasis on expanding and optimizing production lines for Model Y, which led to impressive growth in production.

Earlier it became known that, according to Tesla's calculations, the factory should produce the 300,000th car in 2021 on September 29. On the occasion, the manufacturer invited the media to witness the 300,000th vehicle roll off the assembly line, followed by a press conference and a Giga Shanghai tour.

In less than two years, Tesla has made phenomenal progress in China, having built and launched its factory almost at full capacity. Giga Shanghai has become the company's new export hub and is actively supplying cars all over the world. Once Giga Berlin and Giga Texas are commissioned, the load on the Chinese factory should be significantly reduced, allowing Tesla in China to hone its focus on meeting the demand in the local market and the markets of neighboring countries.

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