Tesla Giga Shanghai Restores Operations, Produces 32,165 Vehicles in May

by Eva Fox June 09, 2022

Tesla Giga Shanghai Restores Operations, Produces 32,165 Vehicles in May

Photo: pcauto.com.cn

Tesla Giga Shanghai has resumed operations after a three-week downtime. The factory produced 32,165 vehicles in May, over 22,000 of which were exported to other markets.

Tesla Giga Shanghai has been operating under very difficult conditions for the past 40 days. After easing a three-week lockdown, it had to start working in a closed-loop system, with limited supplies of components from its suppliers, who were also recovering from the shutdown of production. However, by the end of May, all operations were fully restored and starting from June, the factory will operate at full capacity, constantly increasing it.

Tesla was able to introduce a second shift throughout May, which helped ramp up production significantly. Today, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) reported that Giga Shanghai sold 32,165 vehicles in May, 22,340 of which were exported to other countries, most of them to Europe. Auto retail sales in China were 9,825 units.

Comparisons of factory performance and sales data between May and April show that Giga Shanghai sold 212% more in May than in April. This likely highlights the fast recovery speed and skillful work of the Tesla team in China.

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