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Tesla Giga Shanghai Shipped Nearly 72K Vehicles in October, Up 31.83% YoY

Tesla Giga Shanghai Shipped Nearly 72K Vehicles in October, Up 31.83% YoY

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Tesla Giga Shanghai shipped almost 72K vehicles in October 2022. This is 31.83% more than a year ago, but 13.75% less than in September, indicating that many vehicles are still on the way.

Tesla shipped 71,704 Chinese-made vehicles in October, according to figures released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). These are cars that left the factory and were paid for by customers, but the actual number of cars produced often differs. This is 31.83% more than 54,391 units a year ago, but 13.75% less than 83,135 units in September. The first month of each quarter always has the lowest numbers, as many vehicles are still on their way and have not been delivered to customers. The main increase in registrations begins in the second month of the quarter, peaking in the last month of each quarter.

Most of the cars produced at Giga Shanghai in the first half of each quarter are sent to overseas markets, which requires time for their delivery. Already in the second half of the quarter, deliveries are focusing on the domestic market. Tesla is trying to make deliveries more consistent throughout each quarter in order to reduce the massive load at the end of each quarter. The main help in this will be Giga Berlin, which, after ramping up production, will be able to meet the needs of the European and Middle East markets for Model Y, while Giga Shanghai will be able to focus on deliveries to Asia, Australia and Oceania.

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