Tesla Giga Shanghai to Help Fremont Factory Boost Production: Report

Tesla Giga Shanghai to Help Fremont Factory Boost Production: Report

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Tesla Giga Shanghai will send its automation and control engineers to the US to help the Fremont factory increase production, according to the report. The Tesla team in China has excellent skills for rapid and high-quality production ramp-up and is exemplary at the company.

Tesla is sending Giga Shanghai employees—specifically automation and control engineers—to assist in efforts to increase production at its factory in Fremont, CA, US, reported Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources. According to the information, for this, about 200 people will be sent to the US, each of whom will have tasks lasting at least three months. The first employees will leave for California in November.

It should be kept in mind that this is unconfirmed information, so it should be considered with a grain of salt. However, Elon Musk has repeatedly praised his Chinese team for their exceptional skills in ramping up production and running the business. In addition, the workers of Giga Shanghai themselves demonstrate a high level of responsibly fulfilling all the tasks set by management. Tesla's Chinese factory began delivering cars in December 2019, and currently has an installed capacity of over one million vehicles per year, which means that this path was completed in just under three years.

Clearly, Giga Shanghai has a number of advantages over Tesla's Fremont factory. The Chinese facility has a large territory, and the factory itself is designed taking into account experience, and the workshops in it are located as optimized as possible. The Fremont factory has very limited space, and the layout of the shops is very inefficient. Despite this, Tesla is using it to the best of its ability and intends to expand its production capacity, according to an earlier statement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In early March 2022, he said that the company was “considering expanding it (the Fremont factory) significantly.” At this point, the Fremont factory can already produce a mind-boggling 650,000 vehicles a year, well above what it was originally designed to produce.

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