Tesla Giga Texas Awaits Delivery of New Giga Press from IDRA, Possibly for Cybertruck

Tesla Giga Texas Awaits Delivery of New Giga Press from IDRA, Possibly for Cybertruck

Assembly of the Giga Press 9000t in Idra Italy | Photo: Idra Group/YouTube

Tesla Giga Texas is awaiting delivery of a new Giga Press from IDRA, possibly for Cybertruck. Containers with “die-casting machine parts” are already on their way from Italy to Houston, Texas.

Giga Presses are one of the critical components to reach Tesla's goal of producing 20 million vehicles a year by 2030. In addition to enabling rapid production, they also reduce costs and help improve vehicle performance. At the moment, Tesla is partnering with IDRA, which produces giant machines for it and ships them worldwide to complete the company's factories.

Cybertruck Owners Club member greggertruck reported that they found documents confirming a new shipment of “die-casting machine parts” to Tesla. According to the information, on March 13 and 16, 2023, IDRA sent several containers from Genoa, Italy to Houston, Texas, USA. All of them contained Giga Press parts, as described. The weight of the discovered containers exceeded 30,000 kilograms.

greggertruck suggested that this could be the second 9,000-ton Giga Press to be used for Cybertruck production. It could make sense to ramp up production of the pickup truck, for which the company already has over one million pre-orders, as quickly as possible. According to a slide from Tesla's Investor Day presentation, the company wants to produce 300 million units of Cybertruck and another as-yet undisclosed model. This indicates that Tesla is betting heavily on the platform on which Cybertruck will be built, which means it will need a lot of Giga Presses for it. However, do not discount that Tesla may be looking to ramp up Model Y production at Giga Texas. To this end, the company may also have ordered an additional Giga Press.

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