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Tesla Giga Texas Produces the First Pre-Production Model Y

Tesla Giga Texas Produces the First Pre-Production Model Y

Photo: romana.nunezsaenz/Instagram

The construction of Giga Texas is proceeding at a very fast pace and the start of mass production is expected in 2021. A new photo from the factory shows Tesla has produced the first pre-production Model Y, hinting at an imminent start of mass production.

In early August, Giga Texas construction progress observer, Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, broke the news. According to him, it was highly likely that the first test Model Y would be fully built in the factory around the middle of the month. He clarified that this will be a full-functioning model, although it will not be street legal. This description indicates that this will not be just a car body, but a full-fledged painted car with an installed battery pack. In his statement, Joe quoted a reliable source who wished to remain anonymous.

On August 27, romana.nunezsaenz/Instagram posted a photo of the completely finished Model Y, indicating that it was taken inside Giga Texas. At the moment, it remains unknown whether he took this photo himself, or received it from another source. The photo shows a fully finished Model Y, with another one moving along a conveyor in the background.

The construction of Giga Texas seems to be progressing very well, without even the slightest delay. The start of test production of Model Y at Giga Texas is a big event and a huge milestone. Once all systems and production steps are well-tested, mass production of the electric crossover SUV will begin, which will have a significant impact on delivery data for 2021 and lead to new, stunning records for Tesla.

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