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Tesla took 8th place in the ranking of European employers Diversity 2020

Tesla took 8th place in the ranking of European employers Diversity 2020
Today, diversity means more than different skin color, nationality and gender of employees; it also includes religious beliefs, age, ability to work and sexual orientation.

Diversity in this context is not a form of political correctness, but insurance against internal blindness, which leaves companies overboard and out of reach. This allows:
  • establish relationships with different groups of consumers;
  • unleash the full potential of the staff;
  • helps to increase the efficiency of solving corporate problems;
  • contributes to the competitiveness of organizations.

After all, a large group of diverse-minded people will make more reliable forecasts and make more reasonable decisions than even one of the most qualified leaders. That is why the diversity of staff is so important now and its role can hardly be overestimated. Companies that understand this and try to use it receive a big advantage over other companies.

European employers rating from Financial Times and research partner Statista has conducted companies research in this area.

Statista surveyed 80,000 people working for up to 10,000 companies in 10 European countries to find 700 companies that were rated especially highly for diversity by their employees and industry peers. To be eligible, companies had to employ at least 250 people. The definition of diversity was broad, encompassing age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and general diversity, and the answers from female and older workers and members of minority ethnic groups were given extra weight.

Despite the great competition, Tesla entered the top 10 among absolutely all the companies evaluated. It should be noted that companies from the automotive industry are not numerous in the top 100. In terms of employee diversity, Tesla is ahead of other automakers. In the ranking, which evaluates the efforts of companies operating in Europe in terms of diversity, Tesla takes 8th place. Thanks to this, Tesla takes the 1st place among all car manufacturers.

The best performance is Tesla and ZF Friedrichshafen AG (a major European automotive supplier) at positions 8 and10 respectively. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (23rd place), BMW (25th place), Schneider Electric (41st place), Autoglass / Carglass (46th place) and SKF (75th place) with a clear margin. Most car manufacturers are in the second hundred ranking. They are among the leaders of Diversity 2020, as FT and Statista describe the top 700 companies. The last car manufacturer among these diversity leaders was Porsche (595th place).

Source: Gerd Scholz for © Automobilwoche

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