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Tesla Courted by North Carolina For Next Gigafactory With Clever Note


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North Carolina recently made its move on Tesla and Elon Musk, vying for the company's next Gigafactory or Terafactory. Now North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas have upped the ante in pursuit to be Tesla's next Gigafactory location for the Cybertruck. Which of Tesla's avid suitors will Elon Musk choose? 

Recently, North Carolina proclaimed its support for Tesla with a note written across the sky. An airplane soared above what appeared to be a Tesla-run building flying a banner with the note: "Tesla Come To NC. We Want You @GRMEGASITE" 

In a following tweet, @GRmegasite listed the reasons NC would be a good location for Tesla's Cybertruck factory. "We don't hesitate to think outside the box here in NC -- which is why we think we'd be a great fit for @Tesla/@elonmusk...that, and our central access, pro-business climate, and ready workforce. #GSORandolphMegasite."

A flying banner with such an earnest note would make the heart of any person being courted race. But was it enough for Elon Musk? 

Tesla has received many proposals since Elon Musk announced that it would be looking for the next Gigafactory location. The fact that Tesla's next factory would produce the Cybertruck spurred on even more suitors. 

Texas welcomed the EV automaker with open arms when Elon Musk threatened to move the Fremont Factory and Tesla HQ out of California. News also spread that Elon Musk and Governor Abbott talked over the possibility of Giga Texas one weekend. 

Then Tulsa, Oklahoma raised the bar by painting The Golden Driller, a popular landmark, in the likeness of Elon Musk, complete with a Tesla belt and the company's insignia. The fact that the statue initially represented an oil worker and the contribution petroleum gave to society sent a message that's bigger than words. 

Now North Carolina has joined the next level of courting Tesla as well. Signs, statues, and talks are all fun, but it will probably take more to convince Elon Musk. 

So far though, Texas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina seem to be on the right track. Actions, not words, will probably be the convincing factor that will decide the location of Tesla's Cybertruck factory

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