Tesla Expands Powerwall Market by Opening Orders in Spain

Tesla Expands Powerwall Market by Opening Orders in Spain

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Tesla has expanded the market for Powerwall by launching sales in Spain. In collaboration with local Holaluz, the company is implementing its roadmap to create the most influential green energy community in Europe by scaling up distributed solar power and storage systems.

Tesla announced it has begun selling Powerwall in Spain. This impressive expansion indicates the company's progress in ramping up the production of home energy storage batteries. Powerwall is in great demand, and Tesla has not had time to fulfill the backlog of orders. Therefore, sales of the battery had been limited to those customers who purchased solar panels or Solar Roof from the manufacturer. Also, sales were limited to the U.S. and some other markets like Australia. Recently, Tesla was able to ramp up production significantly and began selling Powerwall again separately from its solar products.

Expansion of sales in Spain was also made possible through a partnership with the local company, Holaluz. “The leading energy transition company in Europe with an impact business model that aims to decarbonize the economy has been chosen by Tesla to boost its roadmap to build the most impactful green energy community in Europe by unleashing the potential of electrifying energy demand by scaling distributed solar and storage,” Holaluz wrote in a press release. The agreement between the companies was signed on May 9.

Tesla Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores solar energy for residential, commercial, and industrial use. With Powerwall having one of the largest battery capacities (13.5kWh) and highest power (5kW continuous and 7kW peak) in the market, Holaluz clients will maximize savings while avoiding CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Holaluz and Tesla initiated their relationship in late 2018 and now together enter the home battery business in Spain by offering customers the opportunity to increase their monthly savings by 100% or more and help homes to further electrify their energy consumption so they can together achieve a full decarbonized economy. Holaluz estimates that more than half its solar installations will include a Tesla Powerwall in the near future.

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