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Tesla Has Great Success with Reforestation in Germany with the Help of NfG

Tesla Has Great Success with Reforestation in Germany with the Help of NfG

Photo: NfG

Having harvested a pine plantation—previously destined for cardboard processing—south of Grünheide for the construction of its new plant, Tesla was obliged to take compensation measures implemented by NfG. From the point of view of nature conservation, these forests have a relatively low value, which is recognized by environmental organizations. At its own request, Tesla decided to plant three times more forest than the law requires, while planting not only the pine trees that had been cut down but also deciduous trees, which are of great value from the point of view of ecology.

In the fall of 2020, the Naturraum für Generationen (NfG) project from Oegelner Fließ GmbH planted many pine and deciduous trees and shrubs in several stages for Tesla. Together with other partners of the project, a total of 193 ha were planted, which was 60% of the reforestation measures.

NfG CEO, Axel Behmann (right) with forest consult Hans-Jürgen Sturies on the site that has been planted for Tesla last autumn. Photo: NfG 

NfG told Tesmanian that another 100 hectares of forest will be planted for Tesla in the fall of 2021. At the moment, the organization is already preparing autumn plantings, which it seeks to make as environmentally friendly and water-saving as possible. Like the first time, the tree planting will take place in the Beeskow area, about 18.6 miles (30 kilometers) from Giga Berlin. This is an important choice since there is the same natural area, which is important from an ecological point of view. As in 2020, 30% coniferous trees and 70% deciduous trees will be planted to create a quality mixed forest with biodiversity.

The NfG project embodies a plan to implement compensation measures from Tesla and other partners on an area of ​​750 hectares, which will include protected pastures, wetlands and, above all, mixed forests on a total area of ​​450 hectares.

Tesla has always sought to improve the environmental situation on our planet because the company's CEO Elon Musk perfectly understands the consequences of neglect it. While other car manufacturers are fighting for their rights to continue to manufacture and sell ICE cars, Tesla is fighting to adopt electric cars as soon as possible, following all the necessary environmental requirements. Acceptance and widespread distribution of electric vehicles is a first—and one of the biggest steps—towards meeting a clean future.

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