Tesla Model 3 & Y Take Leading Positions in February 2021 China EV Sales

Eva Fox by Eva Fox March 30, 2021

Tesla Model 3 & Y Take Leading Positions in February 2021 China EV Sales

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China continues to experience a boom in electric vehicle sales. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y took two spots in the Top 3 sales in China in February 2021.

February was another good month for plugins in China with 104,000 unit registrations. Last month, the plugin share reached 9% (7.5% BEV), bringing the 2021 share to 8.7% (7.3% BEV), according to EV-Sales. Given that January and February are traditionally the weakest months in China, such a high number of registrations hints that the share of EVs will likely reach unprecedented heights this year.

The Top 5 include two midsize models, two city electric vehicles, and one big sedan. First place went to Wuling HongGuang Mini EV with 20,167 registrations. The car meets the local government's stringent goals to reduce pollution, while its price tag makes it extremely affordable. For just 28,800 yuan (nearly $4,500), China's not-so-wealthy population can buy personal vehicles that meet government requirements.

When it comes to real competition among full-fledged cars, Tesla has no equal. Model 3 came in second with 13,688 registrations. With further improvements in the production process and factory expansions, this figure will grow even more in the coming months.

Another Tesla is becoming a new star in the market. Model Y production and sales began only in January, yet was able to reach 4,630 registrations and took third place in the ranking in February. Manufacturing is the limiting factor for its sales at the moment, but once its production line is fully operational, we can expect amazing monthly sales results.

Source: EV-Sales

Based on sales in the first two months of 2021, Tesla Model 3 ranks second with 27,531 registrations, taking 10% of the EV market share in China. The just-started sales of Model Y have also led to solid success. In January and February, 6,271 vehicles were sold, which corresponds to a 2% market share, and immediately puts it in 9th place in the overall ranking. This is a truly impressive result for a car that started deliveries 42 days before the final numbers were counted.

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