Tesla’s Chinese Data Center Receives Approval for Data Security Standards by Authorities

Tesla’s Chinese Data Center Receives Approval for Data Security Standards by Authorities

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Tesla has received approval for data security standards by the relevant authorities in Shanghai after submitting its annual data security report. The local data center was created as part of the increased attention from the state and the public to how personal information is processed in smart cars in the country.

Tesla said on Tuesday that its data security standards have been approved by relevant authorities in Shanghai after it submitted its annual data security report for review. The company emphasized that it stores all data generated in China locally and continues to expand cooperation with regulators.

Of the more than 30 companies that were checked, only Tesla and SAIC-Volkswagen passed the first stage of testing, according to the manufacturer. As such, Tesla has passed rigorous data compliance checks and met all evaluation criteria set by regulatory authorities.

Foreign companies in China must abide by the rules if they want to gain access to Chinese consumers. While user privacy is important, data is also critical to driver safety and national security. Tesla launched a new data center in May 2021, ahead of schedule. It stores the information collected from cars sold in the country. Tesla has always been very protective of its customers' data, but China prefers that all data received by the company's vehicles in the country remain in the country.

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