Tesla Installs Romania’s 1st Supercharger in Recent Spurt of European Expansion

Tesla Installs Romania’s 1st Supercharger in Recent Spurt of European Expansion

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Tesla continues to conquer the European car market. The company will soon complete its entry into Romania and launch the first Supercharger in the country.

The availability of charging infrastructure is a key factor for the proliferation of electric vehicles. Tesla is making every effort to provide a network of charging stations for their car owners in Romania. In early January 2021, Tesla updated the list of cities in which Superchargers will be built. According to the company's plan, the first charging station should be completed in Q1 2021 in Timișoara and it looks like it will be completed on time or a few days later.

Recently, it was discovered that Tesla had already installed six stalls at Timișoara at 1989 Revoluției Boulevard, on the other side of the Continental Hotel. All stalls will be the newest version, V3, and support peak rates of up to 250kW per car. According to the photos, it seems that the main work has already been done. At this stage, it is necessary to complete the installation of paving slabs around the stalls and connect them to the grid. This may take some days, but won’t be a significant delay.

In addition to this location, Tesla plans to open three more Superchargers in Sibiu, Pitești, and Bucharest. At the moment, the estimated opening dates are scheduled for Q2 2021, but consider that due to the increase in COVID-19 cases that have been occurring in Europe recently, these dates may be shifted back some.

On December 14, Tesla opened recruitment for a number of positions related to the work of the service center and the store. Initial job listings included: Tesla Advisor, Store Manager, Senior Service Technician, Service Manager, and Service Technician. In January, Tesla registered its subsidiary in Romania and on February 4 opened an office located in Central Business Park on Calea Șerban Vodă street in Bucharest.

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