Tesla Introduced a Solar Range Extender Trailer Equipped with Starlink, Unlikely to Be on Sale Soon

Tesla Introduced a Solar Range Extender Trailer Equipped with Starlink, Unlikely to Be on Sale Soon

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Tesla presented an unusual product that combines both its own technologies and SpaceX's technologies. At the exhibition in Hannover, the manufacturer demonstrated a solar range extender trailer equipped with Starlink. Apparently, it is unlikely to be on sale anytime soon.

Tesla never ceases to amaze with its products. The company has joined the IdeasExpo, which takes place from July 2-10 this year at the Hannover Exhibition Center. Here the manufacturer showed its Model Y, built on new technologies and equipped with a structural battery pack with 4680 battery cells. To date, Tesla's vehicle manufacturing technology is unique in the automotive industry, and new battery cells are the next breakthrough in the field.

However, here Tesla especially surprised with a new product. @tesla_adri/Twitter said that the manufacturer brought with it a solar range extender trailer equipped with Starlink and shared a photo. He did not provide any details about the product, so we can only guess about its characteristics and purpose.

This trailer is likely to be especially useful for camping travelers. The device can constantly power Starlink, and can also serve as a charger for small electronic devices. In addition, solar panels could add a bit of charge to the battery of an electric vehicle, although, at this size, obviously not too much. It seems that Tesla does not intend to start production of this product for sale, at least not in the near future. It is likely that this is just a sample to show that the future can be sustainable.

However, such a trailer could be extremely useful right now for Ukraine. The military, who are on the front lines, often do not have access to electricity, and with such a device, they could have constant access to the Internet. Equipped with a Powerwall battery, it could power a Starlink dish 24/7. Although Ukraine received a very generous donation from Tesla, SpaceX, and the US in the form of Starlink, Powerwall, and solar panels, if they combined into one device on wheels, they would have much more mobility, which is of critical importance.

IdeasExpo is Europe's largest technology and science youth event. It takes place from July 2-10 in a total area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, where 280 exhibitors offer more than 650 exhibits, about 750 workshops, and exciting journeys across 13 subject areas. This year, a new subject area has been added: “Fascination: Space and PlanetSustainability,” in which Tesla was introduced.

"The important topics of the future— above all climate protection and energy—are linked to many other topics such as mobility, sustainability, and construction, and are relevant to society as a whole,” emphasized Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony's Minister for the Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection, at the opening press conference in Hannover. He is pleased that these topics also play a special role at the IdeasExpo. “We need specialists in technical, scientific and, above all, manual trades in order to meet the social challenges of our time. STEM professionals not only make a significant contribution to the digital transformation of our country, but we also need them when it comes to advancing the energy transition. Because the way to a secure, independent and clean energy supply is a very central challenge of our time," says Lies.

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