Tesla Introduces New Express Direct Drop Delivery Service, Convenience Like Amazon Prime

Tesla Introduces New Express Direct Drop Delivery Service, Convenience Like Amazon Prime

Due to the aggravation of the situation with COVID-19, Tesla officially presents several new delivery options that will allow customers to quickly and safely pick up their cars.

Since the beginning of March, Tesla has provided an opportunity to get a test drive and car delivery for its customers in China using the “Zero contact” method. Also, last week, in connection with quarantine in the USA, the company offered Americans “touchless deliveries”.

In fact, Tesla has always sought to make the process of delivering its cars as quick and simple as possible so that it becomes a positive experience for their customers. Therefore, it was not difficult for the company to adapt to new realities and provide its customers with the best experience during car delivery.

Model Y customers in the US report that the automaker has already begun to practice touchless delivery, minimizing contact with Tesla employees.

At the moment, all customers of the company can choose one of several delivery options presented on their website. Depending on the location of the client, he can choose a different delivery method. Delivery options vary in different markets depending on regulatory requirements related to paperwork related to the sale and delivery of cars.

Express delivery
Customers will need to register in advance at the delivery center. After arriving at their destination, owners will be able to find their car on the spot, following the map of the app in real time.

All necessary documents will be located inside the car with highlights indicating where to sign. After inspecting the vehicle, when customers are ready to hit the road, they will just need to pass the documents to the advisor at the exit for review, and Tesla’s staff will mount a temporary tag and license plate.

All vehicle functions can be explored via the in-car Tesla Tutorials and Owner’s Manual, which can be found on the car’s central touch screen. Access to training materials can also be obtained from the settings menu in the Tesla app.

Express delivery is now available at all Tesla delivery centers.

Tesla direct drop
This is a completely touchless delivery method. Tesla will deliver the vehicle to any location of your choice, customer can access his new car by unlocking it through the Tesla mobile app. Interaction with company employees is not required.

In this case payment, paperwork and e-sign agreements must be completed in full prior to delivery. After signing, all physical documents that will be in the vehicle will have to be sent via a pre-paid shipping envelope within 24 hours. With this delivery method, 3rd party lending and trade-in customers are not yet eligible for this experience.

Tesla currently delivers cars to its customers in this way in 13 states:

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
    • Washington, DC

    Tesla also offers Additional Delivery Options

    Tesla direct
    Using this delivery method, the car will be delivered by a Tesla employee to a place selected by the client. After delivery, the client receives information about the vehicle from an employee, signs documents and picks up the car.

    A new owner may refuse to contact a Tesla employee. In this case, the client, after inspecting the car, signs the documents that are inside, passes them to the employee and picks up his vehicle.

    Tesla Direct is not yet available in Canada, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, or North Carolina.

    Carrier direct
    This option is available for customers who live more than 220 miles from the location of the Tesla delivery centers. New owners have the right to have the carrier deliver of vehicle to the delivery address.

    In addition to various delivery methods designed to offer the most convenient and safe methods for obtaining a car, Tesla also seeks to make safe any interaction of its customers with service centers.

    A Toronto resident who planned his visit to the Tesla Service Center shared his experiences after this visit. He was impressed by Tesla's business continuity plan and the rigorous security procedures and rules he observed at the Service Center.



    Featured image: Reuters/Mike Blake

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