Tesla Is a Part of Germany's Success Story in Battery Technology, says Federal Minister of Economy

Tesla Is a Part of Germany's Success Story in Battery Technology, says Federal Minister of Economy

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Tesla has long been ahead of all automakers in battery development. The American company is investing heavily in the research and development of this most important component of an electric vehicle and is now looking to build a battery factory in Germany. In an effort to surpass China in battery technology, European countries are happy to encourage the construction of battery factories and are therefore happy to assist Tesla in this endeavor. Federal Economy Minister of Germany Peter Altmaier said he would support government investment in Tesla and any company working in this area.

Even before Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company would build a Gigafactory in Germany, Altmaier outlined plans for public funding for battery production projects in Germany by 2024 amid fears that the European Union lags behind Asia and China in particular in this area. Therefore, after Tesla announced a plan to build a battery factory in Germany, he gladly supported it.

At the moment, the American company is awaiting the planned construction. "We are ready to support these investments from the state, as well as other companies investing in this area," said the German Federal Minister of Economics in Berlin on Friday, Handelsblatt reported.

Altmaier said Tesla's battery factory is a very important investment. “This is part of our success story because it brings research and development to Germany in this important area.” On the backdrop of recent criticism by Tesla of the delay in obtaining a final building permit for Giga Berlin, Altmeier expressed the expectation that "there will be as few bureaucratic hurdles as possible and as few delays as possible," in the battery factory approval process, of course, while adhering to the "statutory deadlines."

The politician has repeatedly expressed support for Tesla's project and thanked Musk for making a very concrete contribution to Germany's successful transition to electromobility. “Elon Musk is a pioneer of change who, with his drive for action, is creating a new era of electromobility and bringing it to life with his cars,” he wrote in a Handelsblatt guest article published in December 2020.

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