Tesla Seeks Applicants in South Korea to Host Superchargers, as Asian Market Expansion Charges on

by Eva Fox April 11, 2021

Tesla Seeks Applicants in South Korea to Host Superchargers, as Asian Market Expansion Charges on

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Tesla's popularity in South Korea, like in many other parts of the world, continues to grow--and the party is probably just beginning. Having achieved impressive success in Model 3 sales, the company began selling Model Ys in the country in mid-February. Now Tesla is starting to look for business owners who want to place Tesla Superchargers next to them.

In 2021, Giga Shanghai blossomed like a beautiful flower and entered the phase of producing a really large number of vehicles. In March alone, more than 35,000 units were produced and sold just in China. Such high sales figures also indicate that Giga Shanghai can begin mass exports to nearby countries, and South Korea is one of them.

There are currently more than 12,000 registered Tesla vehicles in South Korea, which requires serious attention to the creation of a network of charging stations. Considering that Tesla intends to expand its presence within the local market, the company announced that it is looking for business owners who would like to host Tesla Superchargers near them.

At the moment, the company is interested in two places: the capital of South Korea Seoul, and the most populous province of the country, Gyeonggi-do. Tesla is accepting applications through May 21, 2021 to be a Supercharger host, which now can be submitted on the company's website. In early July, the company will inspect all proposed locations and sign contracts with those that suit the manufacturer on August 13. The construction of new Superchargers is scheduled to begin in Q3 2021, although the timeline will be selected individually for each location.

Placing Tesla charging stations near businesses is an excellent solution that will benefit business owners as well as Tesla and its customers. Tesla fully manages the construction, operations, and maintenance of the Superchargers, so no extra effort or time is required from business owners.

Earlier, it became known that the California-based company announced the same search in Japan, which means that in 2021, the company intends to expand in Asian markets.

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