Tesla MIC Model Y Is Driving an Endless Tornado of Interest in China Showrooms

Tesla MIC Model Y Is Driving an Endless Tornado of Interest in China Showrooms

Tesla's China plant has begun production of the highly anticipated Model Y, with the first deliveries to begin in a few days. On January 1, the Model Y began showing in Tesla stores in several cities across the country, generating a lot of hype and an influx of buyers. Even though the car has been on display for the third week now, that can't hold back the tornado of shoppers that flood the manufacturer's stores.

The hundreds of Model Ys already on display in the company's stores are attracting a lot of attention in China. Thousands of buyers are heading to the stores, trying to inspect the new product from Tesla. These photographs show that the number of people willing to test Model Y does not subside, like a revolving door, and they come every day to test and inspect it.

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Demand for Model Y is so high that customers who placed an order just five days from the start of sales will only receive delivery in Q2. Nevertheless, it is encouraging that the very first customers will already be receiving delivery this month.

The first deliveries of the China-made Model Y will take place on Monday, January 18, sources familiar with the matter told Tesmanian. At 10:30 am, a unified delivery ceremony will take place in several large cities across the country, and Model Y will be handed over to the first owners. This event will mark the official launch of the highly coveted electric crossover in China's market, and will become a new round in the development of Tesla in the country.

Model Y Long Range can now be purchased for RMB 339,900 ($51,890) instead of the previously listed price of RMB 488,000 ($68,580).

Model Y Performance now costs RMB 369,900 ($56,482) instead of RMB 535,000 ($75,185).

Tesla is actively expanding its presence in China, not only producing and selling its two most popular models, but also making possible the most favorable and competitive prices for them.

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