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Tesla is in Australia's Top 10 Trusted Car Brands

Tesla is in Australia's Top 10 Trusted Car Brands

A leading research firm, Roy Morgan, conducted a study in Australia in which it tried to identify car manufacturers that Australian residents trust most. The study was conducted from July 2018 to June 2019. A total of 14,383 people over the age of 14 participated in the polls. Tesla is in Australia's Top 10 Trusted Car Brands.

The top ten list is mainly dominated by Asian automakers. In the top five of the list of "Net Trust Score" (NTS) were cars of Japanese automakers: Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Subaru, Nissan. Hyundai, a South Korean automaker that now has two all-electric cars - Kona Electric and Ioniq - in the Australian market, is the sixth. Tesla took 7th place, ahead of Mercedes-Benz, Kia and Ford.

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia)

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said in a statement that although Australia's car market is in its 20th month of decline, Tesla is keeping up with the trend and "appears to be shaping the future of the car industry."

Tesla first opened a reservation for the Model S premium sedan in Australia in 2011, and then for the Model X premium SUV.

However, it was the introduction of the Tesla Model 3 sedan “mass market” in August 2019 that was seen as a turning point for Australia, which was lagging behind in the switch to electric mobility, which is in full swing abroad.

According to Tesla ship tracker VedaPrime, which tracks the entrances and exits of vessels heading to Australia from the California port of Auckland, from the beginning of November to the end of December, eight vessels should arrive in Australia. Six of them are carriers of the Tesla Model 3, and their capacity is up to 800 cars per ship!

In 2020, Tesla will introduce another electric car in the United States - the Model Y electric crossover, although the release date in Australia has not yet been announced.

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