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VW ID.3 is Facing Software Problems While Tesla Remains Top 15 Tech Co. Favorite

VW ID.3 is Facing Software Problems While Tesla Remains Top 15 Tech Co. Favorite

"The ID.3, the first model from the new all-electric ID. family stands for the future of the Volkswagen brand – with a large range, impressive driving dynamics, pioneering design and the innovative ID."

This is a description of VW ID.3, which we can read in the VW's Newsroom.In fact, "the future of the Volkswagen brand" now doesn't look very good.

According to information from the Manager Magazin, ID.3 will be built for months without a complete software architecture. According to company reports, vehicles will be parked in specially rented parking lots. And only in the spring, service teams with mobile computer stations will have to install new software for the first 10,000 ID.3

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"The new ID.3 will become the flagship car of the Volkswagen Group. Unfortunately, it is still being produced for months without full software. It was not planned that way," Von Michael Freitag.

The second wave of software installation is scheduled for mid-May, with a total of more than 20,000 ID.3 to be converted, according to the Manager Magazin. Only after that, the newest software can be loaded into the new electric car with the help of updates “over the air”, as it was for a long time with the leader of the US automobile industry Tesla.

Tesla cars regularly receive over-the-air software updates that add new features and enhance existing functionality via Wi-Fi. When an update becomes available, customers receive a notification on their central touchscreen with the ability to install immediately or on a schedule for later.

It was always very important for Tesla to have the best of the best in its team. Otherwise, the tasks set by the company will be impossible to complete. Over the years, Tesla's leadership has been trying to improve its team, so they sometimes have to say goodbye to some employees, and hire instead those who will be more suitable for certain posts.

Tesla has a strong and talented team of software developers. The best indicator of this is the success that all Tesla car owners see. The functions that Tesla cars have for many people now are still on the brink of fiction.

Other car companies have long been trying to develop software that could at least be a bit like Tesla's software. But, as we see, now none of them can do this.

In mid-2019, a survey was conducted in which more than 3,600 people from the technology sector took part. It revealed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the “most inspiring” industry leader in 2019.

Source: Hired

The survey was conducted in the Hired job search market, which describes itself as a company that compares the world's most innovative talents with the most innovative companies on the market. In its study, the company asked its respondents to rate those technology leaders that they find most inspiring. Musk came out on top.

Tesla also entered the Top 15 Employer Brands among Public Companies, and took 10th place.

Source: Hired

Working in Tesla for many people around the world is a dream. Top graduates from universities wanna work for Tesla. Tesla is more than an automaker company; Tesla is a whole system whose goal is to help all of humanity. And whether it be electric cars or solar panels or any other product developed by Tesla, this will always be done at the highest level, with care and love for each of us.


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