Tesla Offers Trade-In Bonus to Owners of Model S & X Already with Unlimited Free Supercharging

Tesla Offers Trade-In Bonus to Owners of Model S & X Already with Unlimited Free Supercharging
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    Tesla is offering a trade-in bonus to owners of Model S and Model X with unlimited free Supercharging. It entitles them to purchase the new Model S and X at a discount of US$5,000 in the US and CA$7,000 in Canada.

    Tesla has launched a new Ownership Loyalty Benefits program that offers a bonus on the purchase of new cars. Current Tesla Model S or Model X owners with unlimited free Supercharging active in the US and Canada are eligible for an additional amount on top of their trade-in value on the vehicle. For US owners it is US$5,000, for Canadian owners, it is CA$ 7,000. To qualify, owners must trade-in their Model S or Model X with unlimited free Supercharging and purchase a new Model S or Model X. If they choose a Model 3 or Model Y, they will not be eligible for credit. By participating in this program, owners will no longer have access to unlimited free Supercharging.

    To check if you have unlimited free Supercharging, open the Tesla app. Then click on 'Specs and Warranty.' If your vehicle has it, you must order a new Model S or X. After ordering, complete the trade-in process in the Tesla app. Accept your trade-in offer. The trade-in offer provided will be inclusive of the US$5,000 or CA$7,000 credit, depending on the country.

    Trade-in values for Tesla vehicles take into consideration vehicle configuration, damage history, mileage, and age. The resulting trade-in value estimate is based on the information that owners provide to the company about the vehicle, plus current market data and internal Tesla product knowledge.

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