Tesla is Rapidly Expanding Supercharger Network in Austin as Production Rounds Corner

by Eva Fox August 11, 2021

Tesla is Rapidly Expanding Supercharger Network in Austin as Production Rounds Corner

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Tesla is rapidly increasing the number of Superchargers in Austin, where it is building its largest electric car factory. 10 more new locations, which are now awaiting permission, will be added to the existing ones.

Austin Tesla Club/Twitter shared some interesting information about Tesla's development in Austin. According to the Superchargers location map, 10 new charger stations are expected in Austin. All are in the process of obtaining permission and these include locations at S Congress Ave (8 stalls); Southpark Meadows (12 stalls); Sunset Valley (8 stalls); Oak Hill (8 stalls); Travis Heights (8 stalls); Sunset Valley Village (8 stalls); Webberville Rd (8 stalls); S Lamar Blvd (12 stalls); Brodie Lane (8 stalls); and West lake Hills (12 stalls). Two more locations are in the rapidly developing areas near Austin: Round Rock (16 stalls) and Cedar Park (12 stalls). According to the information available, all Superchargers will be 250 kW, and for Travis Heights there is no capacity description.

This saturation of Superchargers in Austin is not without reason. The construction of Giga Texas, ​​which is located in close proximity to the city, has made incredible progress. According to Tesla, the company expects production of the Model Y as early as this year. This means that consumers in the local market will become more interested in buying Tesla vehicles than before, which will undoubtedly lead to a greater demand for Superchargers. The manufacturer is probably thinking ahead and striving to prepare the city before there is an urgent need to expand the charging infrastructure.

In addition, it seems that Austin has become one of the favorite places of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who located there not only an automobile factory but also the Boring Company, as well as SpaceX. Musk has repeatedly expressed his sympathy for the city and hinted that he wants to further enhance it. In early April, he tweeted that more housing needs to be built in the Austin area, hinting that there will soon be an influx of residents.

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