Tesla Model 3 is the King

Tesla Model 3 is the King

Manual gearbox - a type of gearbox, a mechanism designed to stepwise change the gear ratio, in which the driver selects the gear manually. It is named so, since all its main functionality is realized exclusively through mechanical devices, without the use of hydraulic or electrical elements. Sounds boring and hard, isn't it? Oh yes, it is. It is what I think, you think and most of the US think.

The manual transmission continues to have a pretty tough time here in America, with buyers avoiding manual-transmission cars in record numbers. Such record numbers that now EV sales have surpassed sales of vehicles with manual transmissions, according to data from J.D. Power.

“[Manual transmissions] have been on a nearly century-long decline... it was interesting to note that only this year, after nearly a decade in market, EVs were able to surpass last century’s dying technology,” said Tyson Jominy, Vice-President, PIN Consulting of the Data and Analytics Division at J.D. Power.

According to J.D. Power, manual transmissions have approximately 1.1% market penetration in America, which for many enthusiasts is a fairly grim figure to see. Comparatively, electric vehicles - which have really only been commercially available to the public for the last decade or so -- now represent 1.9% of car sales in the US.

A big chunk of the reason for this likely lies in good old-fashioned availability. The manual transmission used to be the cheap transmission of choice. It was what you got when you were buying a small, affordable car and didn't want to shell out several thousand dollars for an automatic.

Now, most of those same small, affordable cars are only sold as automatics. The manual transmission was also traditionally the way you'd go if you wanted to buy a high-performance car because old automatics were often slow to shift and shifted at the wrong time. That's also changed, with many of the most high-performing models from companies offered with either paddle-shifted dual-clutch transmissions or performance-tuned automatics.

Some companies continue to hold on to the manual, with Hyundai, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Mazda, Subaru and others leading the three-pedal charge on everything, but this is no longer a trend, this is an uninteresting, boring road to the past, it just needs to be recognized.

Electric vehicles are now more available than before. Add in the low cost of charging an EV, the increasingly dense nationwide charging networks, and all of the various national, state and even municipal tax incentives for going electric, and it's easy to see why cars like the Tesla Model 3 are on the rise.

EPA estimates have officially made the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range-Plus the most efficient electric car on sale in the US today. The EPA uses a rating called miles per gallon equivalent to show how efficient electric cars and plug-in hybrids are, since they (obviously) don't drink fossil fuels, or drink them part time in a plug-in's case. It's the distance a car can travel electrically on the amount of energy contained in one gallon of gasoline.

The Tesla Model 3 will go an estimated 141 miles on the amount of energy a single gallon of gas contains. Thats, quite frankly, incredible to think about as most sedans will do a few dozen miles per gallon.

Also, Tesla Model 3 was labeled Car of the Year 2020 by Parkers, a UK website that gives essential car-related advice to people buying and selling vehicles. The Model 3 took home three other honorary titles from Parkers New Car Awards 2020: namely, Best Electric Car, Best Company Car, and Best Safety awards. Read more about this in our article:"Tesla Model 3 Wins Car of the Year in Parkers New Car Awards 2020".

The presence of an autopilot significantly increases the value and advantages of the Tesla Model 3. Autopilot alerts the driver under various circumstances, such as a surprising situation on the road or excessive inattention by the driver. Read more about this in our article:"Tesla Autopilot SAVES LIVES!".

Moreover Tesla Model 3 nominated for Car of the Year Award in Japan. Masayuki Moriguchi, a member of Japan’s Car of the Year committee has impressed by Tesla Model 3. According to Masayuki Moriguchi before Tesla, electric vehicles didn’t have the best designs, which only reduced its popularity. Moriguchi thought the Model 3 fit in nicely with Tesla’s other cars, particularly the Model S. In terms of function, Moriguchi also seemed delighted how Tesla utilized space in the Model 3, namely in the front and rear of the sedan. He explained that the car’s lack of engine allowed Tesla to create two trunks—the one in the front having been dubbed a frunk. He liked that the frunk and trunk of the Model S were brought to the Model 3. Overall, Moriguchi felt the Model 3 was spacious and felt airy on the inside, partly due to the trunks and glass ceiling.

Safety systems of Tesla Model 3 at the highest level (NHTSA rated the Tesla Model 3 electric car at the highest possible five points. Moreover, the car managed to get 5/5 in all the crash tests. Euro Euro NCAP and IIHS Model 3 also received the highest possible safety rating. Thus, Tesla Model 3 is one of the safest cars on the market). You can read about all the advantages of Tesla Model 3 in our article:"Tesla is the best option".

With all this information, we can conclude that the Tesla Model 3 is the king!

We, as sane people, know that change is necessary and inevitable. Every year the automobile construction industry is developing more and more, trying to satisfy the desires of its customers.
Today, more and more people want to have a safe, beautiful, comfortable, highly productive and economical car. Unfortunately, all these automakers cannot offer a complete set of these characteristics, except for one manufacturer - Tesla.
Tesla spent 16 years of work in order to to create a line of fully electric cars that has all of the above characteristics. And most importantly, this is a car that gives us the opportunity to get a clean future for our children. As said Sofiaan Fraval:"My son is amazing. It is the reason we have Teslas! The reason we got our first Tesla over 4 years ago now. We need clean air for our future, for our kids. And for them to have a quality life".


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