Tesla Is Sponsoring the MLSys Conference Where its AI Team Will Demonstrate its Hardware

Tesla Is Sponsoring the MLSys Conference Where its AI Team Will Demonstrate its Hardware

Tesla's GPU supercomputer/Tim Zaman

Tesla is sponsoring the Conference on Machine Learning and Systems where its AI team will present its booth. The manufacturer has been working in the field of AI for several years and will show its hardware at the conference.

Tesla is increasingly immersed in the world of artificial intelligence as the company has been hard at work in this direction in recent years. AI is needed for the company's vehicles, its energy storage systems, and upcoming products like Optimus. The company already has a supercomputer that trains neural networks for full self-driving and is developing another, Dojo, that will be a real breakthrough.

Tim Zaman, AI Infra & AI Platform at Tesla, said the company has become a sponsor of the Machine Learning & Systems Conference. The event will run from August 29 through September 1, 2022 with all attendees in person. According to the information, the conference is aimed at research “at the intersection of machine learning and systems.” It aims to identify new connections between these fields, including identifying best practices and principles for designing learning systems, and developing new learning methods and theory adapted to practical machine learning workflows.

This is exactly the area in which Tesla has advanced well, creating equipment for training neural networks. This means that the company has something to show to the participants during the conference. At its booth, everyone will be able to learn more about the technologies that Tesla has developed, as well as pass an interview in order to become part of the manufacturer's AI team. This area is especially actively developing at Tesla, so the company is interested in getting the top talent.

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