Australia Receives Fifth Ship Loaded with Tesla Cars, Promising New Records

Australia Receives Fifth Ship Loaded with Tesla Cars, Promising New Records

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Australia receives the fifth ship in Q3 loaded with Tesla cars, which promises new records. After several months of waiting, the country's market is finally beginning to flood with cars from the Texas manufacturer.

At the end of July, the first ship in Q3 loaded with Tesla cars reached the coast of Australia. This was great news as deliveries recovered after a hiatus due to the temporary closure of Giga Shanghai, first due to the COVID-19 lockdown in China, then due to upgrades of production lines. In addition, the first Model Ys were on board the ship, which was also great news.

Nevertheless, the wave of positives for Australia did not end there. August 8, Tesla - Australian Ship/Delivery tracker, @VedaPrime/Twitter, reported that a second ship loaded with cars had arrived in Port Kembla. In addition, he said that there are more ships ahead that will dock off the coast of Australia.

Already on August 10, the third ship for Australia arrived at Port Kembla. The ship had Model 3 and Model Y for the country's market. On August 13, the fourth ship docked at Port Kembla, giving us confidence that Q3 2022 will be amazing. But on this day, another surprise awaited Australia: the fifth ship arrived in Fremantle. @VedaPrime said it was the first time for Western Australia ship with Tesla cars has come directly from Shanghai in one voyage, and not via a transfer ship from the east of the country.

While we do not know how many cars can fit on each of the ships, it is clear that the number is in the thousands. However, according to @VedaPrime's post, that is not all the ships for Australia this quarter, and thousands of Tesla cars are on the way.

The Tesla team in Australia is going to have a very busy quarter, as it will be record-breaking. Tesla reported 12,094 vehicles sold in Australia for all of 2021, and by the looks of it, that number will be easily surpassed already in Q3 2022 alone. Australians are finally getting to quench their thirst for electric cars a bit, thanks to Tesla.

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