Tesla Tops Premium Segment & Is Absolute Best-Selling EV in US for Q1

Tesla Tops Premium Segment & Is Absolute Best-Selling EV in US for Q1

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Tesla continues to achieve its goal of pushing consumers to switch from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles, offering the best ones in the segment. The brand topped the premium segment sales and was the absolute EV sales leader in the US in Q1 2022.

Experian (via InsideEVs) has released an analysis of Q1 2022 US automotive brand sales data. The data shows that Tesla is well on its way to achieving its goal as customers increasingly choose its vehicles. As Tesla's sales continue to rise, its gasoline counterparts are losing ground in the face of increasing awareness of the benefits of using EVs.

Tesla became the top-selling brand in the luxury segment, selling 139,338 vehicles in Q1 2022 in the US. This reflects a whopping 52% growth compared to 2021. The Texas-based manufacturer beat its closest competitor by 32,999 units sold, a significant difference. Second place went to BMW with 106,339 sales, registering a 6.4% decrease compared to 2021. Lexus saw an 18% decline YoY and registered 88,672 units, finishing in third place. Mercedes-Benz was able to reach fourth place with 83,358. Closing out the top five was Audi with 51,011 cars, representing a stunning 37% decline.

Without a doubt, Tesla continues to be the absolute sales leader in the EV segment, which is obvious given how much effort the manufacturer puts into this, especially when compared with other brands. With 139,338 units sold, Tesla remains completely out of reach, even if we are summing together sales of EVs from other brands. Just behind the dazzling Tesla are Ford with 11,751, Kia with 11,483, and Hyundai with 9,675 EVs sold in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places respectively.

All Tesla vehicles also ranked in the top 5 best-selling EVs in the US between January and April 2022. Tesla Model Y is at the top of the list with 64,173 sales. It is followed by Tesla Model 3 with 56,525 units. In third place is Tesla Model S with 11,499 sales. In fourth place is Ford Mustang Mach-E with 10,740 sales. Tesla Model X closes out the top five with 7,141 units.

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