Tesla Vision Expands to Australia, New Zealand & Japan

by Eva Fox June 11, 2022

Tesla Vision Expands to Australia, New Zealand & Japan

Image: Tesla

Tesla Vision, which relies only on cameras and neural network processing, is expanding to Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. This will be possible for Model 3 and Model Y built from June 2022 for the markets of these countries.

Tesla announced that it has begun the transition to Tesla Vision, which is a multi-camera-based Autopilot system, in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. All Model 3s and Model Ys built from June 2022 will use this system and will ship without radar. Tesla Vision relies on Tesla's advanced suite of cameras and neural network processing to provide Autopilot and related features.

At launch, vehicles with Tesla Vision may come with some features that are temporarily limited or inactive. For Australia, New Zealand and Japan markets Autosteer will be limited to a maximum speed of 140 km/​h (87 mph) and a longer minimum following distance.

The company said these features will be fully restored in the future through a series of over-the-air software updates. All other available Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features will be active at delivery depending on order configuration. At the moment, Tesla Vision in the US has already received improvements compared to the initial settings when it entered the market.

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