Tesla Is Most Popular Car Brand in UK According to Google Search Volume

Tesla Is Most Popular Car Brand in UK According to Google Search Volume

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To understand the real level of interest in a car brand, one of the most appropriate methods would be to analyze search queries. Thanks to this, it is possible to assess how much a particular brand really interests consumers. Tesla recently became the most popular car brand in the UK, according to Google search volume.

Intelligent Car Leasing, a company that provides vehicle leasing to personal and business customers throughout the UK, analyzed the trailing 12-month average Google search volumes of 33 top automotive players using data from Ahrefs, an online SEO analysis tool.

According to the analysis, Tesla is the leader, with a monthly request volume of 415,000--corresponding to a share of 9.7%. This number seems even more impressive when you consider that the company produces only four car models, compared to dozens that are on the market from competitors.

Another notable fact is that Tesla has been on the market for only 17 years, which underlines the company's successful marketing and approach to sales and customer service. All of this has succeeded in overshadowing Britain's longstanding love of German manufacturers.

Tesla is followed by BMW, with more than a century of history, with 283,000 searches per month. Third place belongs to Mercedes with 279,000, and in fourth is Audi with 233,000 searches per month. Closing out the top five is Hyundai, which also comes as a surprise for the UK.

Source: Intelligent Car Leasing

Intelligent Car Leasing notes that, since the launch of the Tesla Model 3 in the UK last year, it has seen a significant shift in car lease requests in favor of the Tesla brand.

In parallel, data from UHY Hacker Young show that the number of Tesla vehicles on the UK roads has more than tripled in the past year. Many Tesla owners who bought their cars early are now replacing their vehicles with refreshed models, and older models are entering the second hand car market, increasing the total number of Tesla vehicles on UK roads.

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