Tesla Is Dominating the German Auto Market, is Only Car Maker with Positive YoY Growth in October

Tesla Is Dominating the German Auto Market, is Only Car Maker with Positive YoY Growth in October

In October 2020, 274,303 new passenger cars were registered in Germany, which is 3.6% less than in September. The growth rate of alternative drive types continues to pick up steam. Last month, there were 23,158 new electric vehicle registrations, which accounted for 8.4 percent of total registrations. Average CO2 emissions in October decreased by 15.4% to 131.4 g/km.

Tesla's steady growth in sales--even though the first month of the quarter is traditionally the weakest in terms of deliveries--has led it to become the only company in the German auto market to see positive growth in 2020. Compared to the same period in 2019, Tesla managed to record a growth of 23.3% YoY in registrations, according to KBA data.

All other automakers have been crashing for months in a row. Daimler's Smart is in the worst position, registering 74.2% fewer new cars compared to last year. Sales of other German automakers, including Volkswagen, Opel, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, are also in poor shape, losing 40% to 15% YoY.

Source: KBA

Unlike these traditional automakers--which are continuing to develop and manufacture ICE vehicles--Tesla produces electric vehicles that will soon become the only vehicle type allowed for purchase in the EU, as initiatives to achieve CO2 goals accelerate. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that Tesla will maintain a commanding position, both in Germany and in the broader European market. for the foreseeable future.

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