Tesla China Rolls Out Mobile Service as its EV Demand Continues to Soar

Tesla China Rolls Out Mobile Service as its EV Demand Continues to Soar

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Tesla's popularity in China continues to grow steadily. In parallel with the expansion of stores and service centers, the company began to offer its customers mobile service. Tesla owners can use the simple and easy-to-use QR Code to schedule an appointment.

Expanding Tesla's mobile services division is what the company has been trying to do for years. Tesla's launch of mobile service in China today will definitely improve customer satisfaction and is expected to draw even more sales and shipments in the country.

Using QR codes to make an appointment for vehicles in need of repair is an easy, fast, and cost effective method. Tesla's mobile service can perform simple repairs, such as replacing 12-volt batteries or tires, and fixing various minor issues, which can shorten the travel time for car owners to the company's service center and reduce workload. This is especially true in congested cities in China.

In addition, in most cases, repair work can be done with mobile service. The company previously stated that, according to their analysis, 80% of repairs can be done without visiting a service center.

Meanwhile, Tesla service centers can solve more complex problems: vehicle maintenance, system updates, remote diagnostics, and so forth.

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