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Porsche Taycan Owner Admits Tesla Is The Best Vehicle For A Road Trip

Porsche Taycan Owner Admits Tesla Is The Best Vehicle For A Road Trip

A road trip is fun, but for the owner of the Porsche Taycan, it has become a nightmare.

Broom reports that Erik Windahl Olsen and his friend decided to take a road trip to Europe on the new Porsche Taycan. The purpose of the trip was the intention to find out whether it is possible to drive "not Tesla" through Europe. The mates covered 2,485 miles, their journey began in Oslo, Norway and ended in Málaga, Spain.

The first difficulties that awaited them were the limited range of the vehicle. All the main problems that they met during the trip were connected with this problem.

"Basically we drove from socket to socket."

After Erik drove a couple of times at maximum speed on the German Autobahns, his car was discharged after 125-140 miles, which brought many additional problems with finding a charger and waiting for the car to charge. Therefore, in the future, mates had to drive at a speed of 80-90 mph, in order to be able to overcome a greater distance. Autobahns in German have no speed limits, so Erik was very disappointed that he had to drive at such a low speed, driving a Porsche. 

Erik's car consumed 30 to 37 kW for 60 miles for most of the trip. Therefore, it is not surprising that it discharged so quickly. Travelers, in order to save power, were sometimes forced to drive so slowly that even trucks overtook them.

"At that moment, it was a little awkward to drive a Porsche."

The next big problem was the Porsche Charging Planner, which should calculate the necessary charging stops and ensure maximum consumption during the trip. Erik said he was very disappointed with it because the system essentially only reported a charging point. The car does not provide information about what kind of charging station it is and what speed and charging time you can expect. Such details make travel planning difficult.

Photo: Rufus Tangen

Travelers visited various charging stations, many of which did not work. Porsche does not have its own charging network, like Tesla, which is a big problem for its customers. Erik says that in order to find a working charging station and charge the car, they had to spend several hours. He does not recommend going on such a trip, unless you have Tesla.

"Tesla has a completely different and much better charging network. For the rest of us, I recommend that no one go on a similar trip, as the situation with the charging network is bad now."

Photo: Rufus Tangen

After friends could not reach the charging station, and the car had to be evacuated to the nearest Porsche dealership, their journey was over. They simply could not find the moral strengths to continue it. The guys turned to the Porsche CEO Oliver Blum to ask the company representative to help them transport the car back to Norway, but this request remained unanswered.

"If I knew what to expect, we probably would never have gone on this trip."

As expected, the Porsche Taycan turned out to be a poor choice for car trip. At the same time, the owners of Tesla travel thousands of miles almost unhindered. A large range, access to a network of branded chargers, ease and safety of driving, makes it the best electric car in the world for traveling over long (and not only) distances.

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