Elon Musk with Tesla Team Produce + Donate Ventilators and Med Equipments To Hospitals All Around USA

Elon Musk with Tesla Team Produce + Donate Ventilators and Med Equipments To Hospitals All Around USA

The coronavirus pandemic has made people around the world look at their lives from a different angle. In fear for their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, people began to buy up various protective equipment. The companies producing them were not ready for such stir, so there was a shortage of equipment that are now urgently needed in hospitals. 

Patients with COVID-19 in severe cases of the course of the disease cannot breathe on their own, so they need ventilators. Hospitals around the world are now lacking in such devices, since existing facilities are not designed for their production in such a large number.

Thousands of people die every day around the world, including doctors who become infected with the virus due to a lack of protective equipment. At the moment, in the US there is an increased growth of patients, so enterprises, businessmen and ordinary people rallied together, wanting to help hospitals.

Tesla and SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, became active participants, constantly donating the necessary items to hospitals: masks, medical gowns, goggles, helmets and vital ventilators. And to date, many hospitals have received the necessary equipment.

The contribution of SpaceX and Tesla to saving people is enormous. But, unfortunately, there are people who, even in this situation, are trying to find a way to belittle Musk’s merits and insult him. Upon learning that Tesla sends non-invasive BiPAP ventilators to hospitals, hundreds of articles and comments appeared on social networks and media that said that Musk sent completely unnecessary devices. But the opinion of doctors is very different from the opinion of those who state this.

It turns out that these devices can be converted into invasive mechanical ventilators. Hospitals in the US are already doing this, because at the moment, due to the acute shortage of invasive mechanical ventilators, people are dying.

The President and Chief Operating Officer at The Mount Sinai Hospital, David Reich, has published a working protocol, which details how they converted non-invasive bi-level ventilators into devices that can be monitored ventilation to patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.

In addition to this, currently, the Tesla team is actively collaborating with Medtronic in order to start the production of ventilators at its factory in Buffalo. This will help reduce the high demand for them and enable patients who need them to survive.

The consequences of the attacks directed against Tesla could lead to tragic consequences, but it is unlikely that the people who stand behind it want to be responsible for this. If Musk did not donate to the BiPAP ventilators, the people who are now breathing thanks to them would be dead. Words and actions have consequences and each of us chooses what he has to do.

The Tesmanian team is sincerely grateful to SpaceX, Tesla and Elon Musk for acting and for don't give up despite incessant attacks. Your help is priceless, because it saves human lives that are priceless.

First Medtronic units from Tesla getting installed in NY.

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