Tesla Is The True “American-Made” Technology On Wheels For The U.S.

Tesla Is The True “American-Made” Technology On Wheels For The U.S.

In the manufacture of each car in the United States uses parts from different countries and the work of people in different countries, this determines how much the vehicle can be considered truly made in America. Tesla Model S, 3, and X are in the top 10 '2020 Cars.com American-Made Index'.

Source: Cars.com

The origins of consumer products are often anything but straightforward. Supply chains for the automotive industry span the planet, and the results can make for a car assembled in one country with parts from dozens of others, plus a badge on the hood from an automaker an ocean away. For shoppers who want to buy American-made products, Cars.com’s American-Made Index (AMI) delves into such complexities by analyzing a range of factors to determine just how American your prospective car might be.

Now in its 15th year, the AMI is an independent annual list that ranks the new vehicles that contribute most to the U.S. economy based on criteria ranging from U.S. factory jobs and manufacturing plants to parts sourcing.

“This marks the 15th year we have released the American-Made Index, and for the first time, we are ranking a full, comprehensive list of qualifying American-made cars available in the U.S. Of some 350 cars on the market for 2020, 91 models qualified for our index, ”said Kelsey Mays, Cars.com’s senior consumer affairs and vehicle evaluations editor. “The auto industry is highly globalized, but these 91 models bring jobs to America and investments to our local communities - a growing concern for Americans in the current climate.”

According to new research from Cars.com, 70% of shoppers consider a car’s U.S. economic impact a significant or deciding factor in their vehicle purchase.

Here are the top 10 finishers on the 2020 Cars.com American-Made Index:



U.S. Assembly Plant Location(s)


Ford Ranger

Wayne, Mich.


Jeep Cherokee

Belvidere, Ill.


Tesla Model S

Fremont, Calif.


Tesla Model 3

Fremont, Calif.


Honda Odyssey

Lincoln, Ala.


Honda Ridgeline

Lincoln, Ala.


Honda Passport

Lincoln, Ala.


Chevrolet Corvette

Bowling Green, Ky.


Tesla Model X

Fremont, Calif.


Chevrolet Colorado

Wentzville, Mo.


Tesla took three places in the top 10 AMI of 2020. This is the first year that Tesla participated in AMI, and the company's cars undoubtedly amazed everyone with their results.

“Tesla’s participation is one of the major developments this year,” said Kelsey Mays, senior editor of Cars.com. Tesla fared well because it uses a lot of U.S.-sourced drivetrain components and its U.S. vehicle assembly employs many workers, Mays said. The company creates tens of hundreds of thousands of jobs in its factories in the U.S. and in the supply chain. A talented team of specialists is developing real American-made technology on wheels.

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