Tesla Relocates Chinese Users’ Data (Server) To China To Speed-Up Local AP & FSD Development

Tesla Relocates Chinese Users’ Data (Server) To China To Speed-Up Local AP & FSD Development

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Due to the fact that Tesla plans to strengthen its presence in China and ramping its Autopilot team to improve the company's local Full Self-Driving rollout, Tesla moves Chinese users' data (Server) from the USA to China.

The company is expanding its services in the Chinese market, as sales in China have already begun to outstrip sales in the US market. In May, Tesla sold over 11,000 Model 3s made in China, topping the list of new car sales for the month.

According to cnstock.com, Tesla will move its users' data server from the US to China. This decision is a gesture showing its goal for long-term development in the country. This step will bring the company more trust from Chinese customers and increase the quality of its services by increasing the speed of network services, which will help the Autopilot development teams.

Tesla China recruits employees for a number of IT positions a Product Support Engineer, Data Engineer, Autopilot & Navigation maps Engineer, and a Mechanical Engineer for Autopilot hardware.
Tesla is very serious about long-term development in China, so moving a users' data server to the country is a smart move. The presence of specialists focused on Autopilot & Navigation maps in China will make it possible to more accurately develop the key functions of Tesla cars.

The road rules in China are different from the road rules in the USA. Having a dedicated AI Autopilot team for the Chinese market will help FSD adapt to the differences between driving in the US and driving in China.

This information indicates that Tesla plans to improve its team in China, supplementing it with new specialists who will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of the company in general. Since the Chinese market is currently the largest market for electric vehicles and will continue to grow in the future, these steps are very reasonable.

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