Tesla Launches Model 3 & Y Sales in Thailand as it Opens Country’s First Store

Tesla Launches Model 3 & Y Sales in Thailand as it Opens Country’s First Store

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Tesla officially enters the Thai market with the opening of a store. The company also launched Model 3 and Model Y sales in Thailand at super attractive prices.

On December 7, Tesla was officially launched in Thailand along with the opening of the first store in the country. Yvonne Chan, director of Tesla in Taiwan and South Korea, arrived in Thailand six weeks before the grand opening, where she has been preparing for the start of operations, according to Blink Drive. She greeted Thai buyers and announced the start of sales of the long-awaited cars. In addition, Chan thanked the Thai government for allowing Tesla to open a store in the country.

Car sales in Thailand began with very attractive prices, so those who had been waiting for the company's arrival in the country for a long time were pleasantly surprised. The basic Tesla Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) is priced at 1.759 million baht or $50,229. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range costs 1.999 million baht or $57,050. Tesla Model 3 Performance costs 2.309 million baht or $65,900.

The basic Tesla Model Y Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) is priced at 1.959 million baht or $55,910. The Tesla Model Y Long Range costs 2.259 million baht or $64,470. Tesla Model Y Performance will cost buyers just 2.509 million baht or $71,600.

Tesla has started taking orders from the Thais today and promises to start deliveries in the first quarter of 2023. According to Chan, Tesla plans to deploy the first ten Superchargers before delivering vehicles to Thai customers.

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