Tesla Launches Safety Score Beta Page for Canada, Hinting at Widespread FSD Beta for the Country

Tesla Launches Safety Score Beta Page for Canada, Hinting at Widespread FSD Beta for the Country

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Tesla has launched a Safety Score Beta page for Canada, hinting at the imminent start of a wider rollout of FSD Beta in the country. Elon Musk said the company has about 60 testers in Canada and hopes to roll out the feature more widely there in a week.

Tesla FSD Beta is a highly anticipated feature among owners around the world. In the US, it began to be tested at the end of 2020, with a limited number of owners. Over the next six months, FSD Beta was rolled out to about 2,000 testers. After the feature overcame key issues and became safer, Tesla began rolling it out widely in the US to drivers on request. It should be kept in mind that FSD Beta is available only to those drivers who have the highest driving safety ratings (based on Safety Score Beta) since, despite its cability, it needs the driver's close attention and ability to intervene at any moment.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Friday that there are currently about 60 FSD Beta testers in Canada, confirming that the manufacturer has been testing the feature here for some time. However, in the near future, their number will be increased. Musk said the company hopes to start rolling out FSD Beta more widely in Canada within a week. Keep in mind that deploying a new feature to a new market is extremely complex and there may be unexpected delays. However, it must be remembered that safety always comes first.

In addition to the CEO's announcement, Tesla also made a Safety Score Beta page for Canada on its website. This bodes well for the seriousness of the manufacturer's plans and hints at a very soon but cautiously widespread rollout of FSD Beta. In addition, according to Drive Tesla Canada, Safety Score is now available in Canada, along with the Request FSD Beta button.

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