Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop Launches Wide Recruitment

Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop Launches Wide Recruitment

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Tesla has launched a wide recruitment effort at its Megafactory in Lathrop,California. Factory employees will be responsible for the production of Megapack, one of the three pillars of a sustainable energy future.

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly explained, a sustainable energy future is based on three pillars: sustainable energy generation, stationary battery packs, and electric vehicles. The company works in all directions and is now working especially hard on the production of a large number of stationary battery packs. Solar, wind, and hydro energy is not always immediately available, so it is necessary to have batteries that will store energy in order to use it when needed.

In April 2021, Tesla began preparations for the construction of a new factory that was supposed to build Megapacks. The manufacturer has named it the Megafactory and aims to achieve a production capacity of 40 GWh of Megapacks per year. Somewhere in mid-February 2022, the shell of the building was completely ready, and already in April, Tesla announced that it was ramping up production. This meant that the Megafactory was operational and already producing components critical to a sustainable energy future.

Since then, we have not heard anything about the new factory and its achievements, but now there is news. Drive Tesla noticed that Senior Director of Engineering and Construction, Energy Projects at Tesla, Michael Snyder, announced on LinkedIn a massive recruitment effort for the Megafactory. He wrote that the facility is scaling up to 40 GWh of Megapacks per year. As described, positions span across test, controls, quality, equipment, and process engineering, as well as technicians, production associates, and technical project managers.

Tesla's website has at least 37 positions in 7 areas at the Megafactory: Manufacturing, Engineering & Information Technology, HR, Vehicle Service (related to production machines), Energy - Solar & Storage, Construction & Facilities and Supply Chain.

An interesting position is Training Coordinator, who will support training needs in Lathrop. This is a good sign, emphasizing the progress of the facility's development and expansion.

“This candidate will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating new hire training for all our Lathrop new hires as well as providing ongoing training for existing team members. They will need to be knowledgeable and have hands on experience in a production environment.”

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