Tesla Megapack Units to Power Largest Battery System in New York City

Tesla Megapack Units to Power Largest Battery System in New York City

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11 Tesla Megapack units will power the largest battery system in New York City. Con Edison's project will bring greater reliability to Staten Island customers and support the transition to clean, renewable energy.

Con Edison will commission the largest battery system in New York City, boosting reliability in northeast Staten Island, Matthew Ketschke, Con Edison's president, said Tuesday. The system is located at a substation in the Fox Hills area. It can store 7.5 megawatts and deliver that electricity to consumers within four hours. This will take the load off Con Edison's electrical system in the area when power demand is high, which occurs in the late afternoon and evening hours, especially during the summer.

“We are deploying batteries to help maintain the industry-leading reliable electric service that our region needs, and our customers deserve,” said Ketschke. “The advent of large-scale energy storage technology also greatly increases our opportunities to integrate clean, renewable power into the mix and transition to a low-carbon future.”

Batteries complement renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels, making it as useful as possible. Batteries store energy that is generated by renewable resources, but which is not needed by customers at a particular moment. Batteries release this power when energy demand exceeds production.

The system, rated at 7 megawatts/30 megawatt-hours, will contain enough electricity to charge 1.5 million mobile phones. In addition to using the system for reliability, Con Edison will sell the system's services to the state's wholesale electricity market, generating revenue that will benefit customers.

This system includes 11 Tesla Megapacks as the manufacturer's batteries are proven to be the best on the market. The system has passed a thorough safety inspection by the New York City Fire Department.

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