Texas Now Requires NACS Connectors on Government-Funded Chargers, Washington State Likely to Follow

Texas Now Requires NACS Connectors on Government-Funded Chargers, Washington State Likely to Follow

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Tesla's NACS charging standard has received important support from automakers in the US such as Ford, GM, and Rivian. Many charger manufacturers have also announced they will start offering related equipment to their customers. Texas will now require the NACS charging standard to be included at charging stations that want government funding, and Washington state will do so in the future.

On Tuesday, Texas said it would require electric vehicle charging companies to include both the Tesla standard and CCS if they want to be part of a state program to electrify highways with federal money. Texas is the first state to introduce the Tesla charging technology.

The move follows three automakers in recent weeks announcing they are adopting the North American Charging Standard (NACS). They intend to start production of their electric vehicles with new charging ports starting in 2025. “The decision by Ford, GM, and now Rivian to adopt NACS changed requirements for Phase 1 of the rollout,” the Texas Department of Transportation said in an email to Reuters on Tuesday, adding that it would require direct current fast chargers to have one CCS and one NACS connector.

Washington state is now reportedly considering the possibility of requiring electric vehicle charging companies participating in the federal dollar-funded highway electrification program to also include NACS and CCS. Alternative fuels program manager at Washington state's Department of Transportation Tonia Buell said Washington plans to require NACS at state and federally-funded facilities in the future. Washington intends to begin the request for a proposals process in the fall, the report said.

“I’m actually really happy about NACS and how finally automakers are gearing towards one standard. We want to provide access to as many makes and models as possible,” said Buell.

Tesla owns over 60% of the EV market share in the US, so it makes sense for the NACS charging standard to be introduced everywhere.

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