Tesla Could Use AMD’s GPU to Upgrade Infotainment Capability (Rumor)

Tesla Could Use AMD’s GPU to Upgrade Infotainment Capability (Rumor)

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Recently, there was a rumor that Tesla could use AMD's upcoming Navi 23 graphics processing unit (GPU) to power its infotainment systems.

This information was originally posted by Twitter user Patrick Schur, a known leaker of AMD engineering samples and news. His original post contained several Navi 23 blueprints with Tesla's stamp, but these were later removed to protect his sources. Patrick's tweet has attracted attention because, in the past, the leaked AMD specs he posted were true.

Patrick said Tesla wants to use Navi 23 GPUs for the infotainment system in its vehicles. It is worth noting that GPUs provide high performance, and it is not yet clear why this is needed in the Tesla system.

If the leak reflects the reality that Tesla cars will receive high-performance AMD GPUs, then this will be another reason to want its cars even more. The ability to play games in the car is impressive, but the ability to include AAA games (games that typically have higher development and marketing budgets) would be quite appealing, and could be a reason for such an update.

Tesla already has the ability to play Cuphead, Beach Buggy Racing 2, and Fallout Shelter, but the company's CEO Elon Musk has promised more. In late August, quoting 368's tweet, he wrote: "More fun games coming soon to ur Tesla."

Of course, he could only talk about new games to be developed by Tesla. But the tweet could also mean that the company is working to expand access to high-quality PC games for its customers, especially given the fact that Musk is a gamer. He started out programming a video game at age 10, and it has remained an enduring passion. “The first time I programmed I was 10 or 11, but it was published when I was 12. It was called Blaster,” he said.

However, since neither Tesla nor AMD have made any official announcements, the news is an unconfirmed rumor at the moment.

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