Tesla Model 3 Added to the Yonkers Police Department Fleet in New York

Tesla Model 3 Added to the Yonkers Police Department Fleet in New York

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Mayor of the City of Yonkers, NY, Mike Spano, in honor of Earth Week, unveiled Tesla Model 3, which is now part of the city's police fleet. As part of an initiative to reduce vehicle emissions, more electric vehicles will be added this and next year to the fleet.

Tesla Model 3 has been added to the fleet of the Yonkers Police Department in New York, as announced by the City of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, during the Earth Week celebrations and also via his Twitter account. He wrote that residents of the city will soon be able to see the Tesla cruiser in their area. Mayor Spano emphasized that the purchase of electric vehicles was made as a fulfillment of an earlier promise and strengthened the city's commitment to reducing vehicle emissions.

During the Yonkers Police press conference, Deputy Chief Chris Sapienza said that initially, the Tesla EV will join the police department's transport unit to test its range and how to effectively plan for charging. He noted that he really appreciates that the car is environmentally friendly, and in addition, it has a number of other advantages over regular police cars.

Sapienza stressed that Model 3 is a very fast car, which is of course a critical factor for police vehicles. At the same time, Tesla requires significantly less time and money for maintenance. Tesla's onboard computer systems are also more compatible with existing police systems. Sapienza praised that their new Model 3 is all-wheel drive and, like all Tesla vehicles, uses a safer and more efficient mechanical braking system.

The Police Department noted that although Model 3 had a higher upfront cost than their traditional cruisers, it expects to make up for the difference very quickly. According to calculations, the payment of the cost of electricity will take about 15-20% of what is usually paid for refueling ICE cars. Considering this, as well as the fact that the car does not need such frequent and costly maintenance as other cars of the police department, the difference in the original purchase price will be made up within two years. The Tesla Model 3 was the first electric vehicle in the Yonkers police fleet, but the PD plans to order more electric vehicles this and next year.

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