Tesla Powerwalls Will Be Installed to Power Affinor Growers’ Greenhouse in Canada

Tesla Powerwalls Will Be Installed to Power Affinor Growers’ Greenhouse in Canada

Affinor Growers Inc. announced that it had chosen Tesla products to store alternative energy for its greenhouse. The solar photovoltaic system installed by the company compensates for electricity consumption, reducing operating costs throughout the year. Tesla Powerwalls then provide a continuous supply of electricity for a water irrigation system and other energy needs of the greenhouse.

Affinor—a vertical farming technology and greenhouse operations company—announced on April 28, 2021 that it had chosen Tesla as the supplier of energy storage systems for its greenhouse. This space has an area of ​​15,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with patented vertical farming technology, is slated to grow lettuce and strawberries this summer. The company also plans to grow cannabis here, which will become possible after obtaining the appropriate license. Tesla Powerwalls will fully support the water irrigation system and provide continuous power during downtime, so irrigation cycles will not be disrupted and the risk of crop loss will be minimized.

Affinor's renewable energy program is particularly important as the company grows across Canada and strives to be fully ESG compliant. The company is steadily supplying the world with automated vertical farming technology that will soon be powered by Tesla's Powerwall, as well as for its composting technology to restore soil on site. The company's mission is to serve the world through sustainable agricultural technologies and QA growing processes without compromising on quality. The integrated solar and battery system will be installed by Terratek Energy Solutions, which is Tesla's approved and exclusive supplier for British Columbia. Terratek Energy is a fully licensed electrical contractor.

Nick Brusatore Affinor CEO: “This vision of sustainability through combined technology is an honor to be part of. Our Abbotsford operation is the culmination of decades of research and technology development. I believe we are finally getting to the core and addressing the true economics required for sustainable, automated, mass production of food and plants.”

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